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Gingko TCM offers external and internal Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment. Suitable for all ages, the effects are stable and do not cause any side effects.

Acupuncture and Massage:

This massage treatment covers bruises, lower back pain, weakness in knees, pain in heels, neck and spinal pain, back aches and others.

Skin Treatment:

This includes the cleaning of affected areas and applying a special cream with traditional Chinese medication. This approach tackles the symptoms while improving the body’s immunity against the disease. It is suitable for persistent skin diseases and has no side effects.

Traditional Chinese Medicine:

It includes the treatment of insomnia, asthma, flu, cough, sensitive nose, headache, palpitations, gastric problems, breathing difficulties, tightness in chest, problems urinating, constipation, impotence, hair conditioning, and others.

Unique feature of Gingko TCM:

Gingko TCM uses GMP technology to produce powder extracts from medicinal herbs. With professional and personalised care for every patient, we make sure you get the treatment that you deserve. Specially-made medicines are concocted on the spot for different patients and conditions with mechanised packaging. Meanwhile, powder extracts can be taken directly with warm water, saving time.

Gingko TCM offers a one-stop wholesome service with acupuncture, massage, chinese medicine and health enhancement.


银杏中医提供纯中药内服外敷治疗,适合男女老少,疗效稳定, 没有任何副作用。



有效治疗气喘胸闷,便秘,阳萎,感冒,咳嗽, 哮喘,头痛, 胃痛,失眠,鼻子敏感,排尿问题,心悸及头发护理。

我们采用GMP科学浓缩中药粉, 组成个人化的专业经验处方配制,机器包装,无需须煎煮,温水冲服,简单方便。



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Gingko TCM Centre
101 Up Cross St #B1-73
People's Park Centre
Singapore 058357

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  • Monday to Saturday:
    10:30am to 8:00pm

  • Sunday:
    10:30am to 6:00pm

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